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08 Oct 2017


Singapore Tenant and Landlord Tips for Moving In

It’s easy for Singapore tenants to get caught up in the excitement of finding a new property to call home. Finding the perfect Singapore property to rent through is an easy, hassle-free process, but here are some simple tips to help you get the most from your rental, and to ensure there are no unforeseen problems.


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17 Sep 2017

Private Office Rentals Slide 1.1% in Q2 17

The latest news and according to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) office space rentals dipped by 1.1%, extending the 3.4% drop in the previous quarter.

Average occupancy continued to slide and was down from 87% in Q1 to 86% in Q2.

MTI said this was due to bleak demand in spite of rising supply – never a good mix.

Private retail rentals fell by 1.2% in Q2, extending the 2.9% dro...

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06 Aug 2017

Tips For First Time Renters in Singapore

Tips for First Time Renters in Singapore

Renting property in Singapore, or anywhere for that matter, can be both exciting yet challenging. Here is our list of tips for first-time renters that should help you understand what to expect.

Your first payment.

Your first payment will very likely be double or even triple the monthly rental cost. You will have to pay one month as a security de...

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04 Jul 2017

Disruption hits Singapore Agents, Benefits Landlords

There are two types of Singapore real estate agent commission fees to be in paid if you rent a residential property anywhere in the city state.

The first is the landlord commission. This is payable to the real estate agent by the landlord when a tenant is found for a rental property. This usually equates to one months’ rental for a two-year contract, or a half-a-month for one-year. Commissio...

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27 Jun 2017

Singapore Rents Still Sliding

With Singapore private property rental prices island-wide still showing declines during the first quarter of 2017, according to recently published data, it’s important for landlords to save money when searching for tenants and ensure their property is not left empty.

Martin Phillips, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the innovative website, believes that the market ha...

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21 Jun 2017

Buy to Let in Singapore

Buying property to let

If you are currently searching for the perfect buy-to-let investment property here in Singapore, or indeed anywhere, here are some things to consider before you put pen to paper.

Property hotspots

One of the most valuable keys to unlocking the door to a good property investment is buying in the right location. Location is important for various reasons. As well as...

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19 Jun 2017

Agents Must “Adapt or Die”

At we’ve been saying this for a long time, and now a respected American real estate industry website has said that real estate agents need to “adapt or die … now”.

In Singapore, it’s debatable just how much value a real estate agent can bring to a rental transaction. They may lack local knowledge or the ability to rent your home better than you, yet you could still...

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15 Jun 2017

Singapore No Longer "Expensive" for Expats

Singapore has dropped out of the top twenty rankings of an annual Cost of Living survey for expatriates for the first time, possibly indicating that the city-state will be on the rental radar again for companies and their employees seeking a cost-effective base in Asia.

Hong Kong was ranked as the world’s second-most expensive location in the survey  – its highest position since the ECA’s ra...

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15 Jun 2017

Merger Potentially Bad News for Singapore Landlords

This week’s merger between PropNex Realty and Dennis Wee Group to create the largest real estate agency in Singapore may not be good news for Singapore landlords, and here’s why.

The mammoth agency, which will boast almost 7,000 agents, will undoubtedly use its size and pressure to obtain more business – meaning Singapore landlords possibly paying more commissions for their rental deals.


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08 Jun 2017

Five Reasons You Don't Need an Agent When Renting in Singapore

Five reasons you don’t need an agent when renting in Singapore

Prompted by an article titled ‘Top 5 reasons to use a property agent when buying a home in Singapore’ published by Yahoo! Finance earlier this week, we at RENTALS.SG want to tell you five reasons why you do not need to use a real estate agent when renting property in Singapore.

Do it yourself

It’s entirely possible for a Si...

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