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Rent 'Makes up Small Part of Costs'

05 Mar 2017

RENTALS.SG Comments: An interesting article that appears to fly in the face of recent complaints on the high cost of rent in Singapore. You will recall that Singapore recently featured in the Top 5 global cities for the most expensive residential rentals (article on this website). RENTALS.SG helps landlords reduce the cost of renting their commercial and residential properties by going direct t...

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Even in Weak Market, Racial Bias Trumps Profit for Many Singapore Landlords

04 Mar 2017

RENTALS.SG Comments: An interesting article on CNBC by Nyshka Chandran & Michelle Loh on racial bias in Singapore by some and hopefully a small fraction of Singapore landlords. With RENTALS.SG, landlords go direct to tenants to rent their Singapore properties and as such decide the sutiabilty of their tenants directly baed on many factors. We do not encourage or support singling out tenants bas...

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Landlords Are Taking Over the U.S. Housing Market

25 Feb 2017

RENTALS.SG Comments: An interesting article by Patrick Clark (Bloomberg) on the turn around of US property and rise in rental home demand and yield as home ownership declines. We call this Generation Rent. First published on February 23.


As rising home prices, slow new home construction, and demographic shifts push homeownership rates to 50-year lows, the U.S. i...

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Worst Not Over For Singapore Property, say Billlonnaire Kwek

24 Feb 2017

RENTALS.SG Comments: An exexcellent article by Bloomberg's Pooja Thakur Mahrotri. It's not just property sales that have taken a hammering in the secondary market, but property rentals. We are not as optimistic as Mr Kwek and the market remains susceptible to local and regional global economic factors, includuign rising interest rates.


The worst isn’t ...

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Hong Kong and Singapore Rank in Top 5 Globally For Outrageous Home Rentals

23 Feb 2017

RENTALS.SG Comment: While rental rates have recently fallen in the city state, it would seem that Singapore remains at the higher end for affordability. RENTALS.SG offers both landlords and tenants the opportunity to reduce the costs associated with renting a property in Singapore.


2017/02/21 BY TYLER RONEY: Article first published in Mingtiandi online.

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Some Condo Management Teams Step-up to the Airbnb Foray and Pass By-laws to Curb Short-term Rentals

10 Feb 2017

RENTALS.SG Comment: You can please some of the people, some of the time, but not all of the people, all of the time. So it seems and Airbnb, love them or hate, has virtually created the short-term rental market, providing valuable income to home owners, some of whom would be in financial difficulty without it. Now some condo management teams have stepped into the foray and are planning to curb ...

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Singapore Gov't to Enforce Ban on Airbnb Rentals, But Alternatives Could Be On The Way

09 Feb 2017

RENTALS.SG Comment: RENTALS.SG currently focusses on the long-term rental of residential and commercial property in Singapore. The ruling does not affect our business model in any way. Should short-term lettings be approved in the future, we will enhance our service to include shorter term rentals as an additional value added service for our Singapore community. According to Airbnb's website, t...

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Bangkok Holds Steady on High-end Rent while Singapore Slides

29 Jan 2017

RENTALS.SG COMMENTS: Interesting regional overview of residential rents vs Singapore rentals. Singapore is clearly sliding as evidenced by recent reports.


January 27, 2017 01:00 

HONG KONG continues to rank as the most expensive place for rental homes in Asia this year, followed by Tokyo and Seoul, wh...

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Why The Investment Outlook for Singapore Property Markets May Be Grim

29 Jan 2017

RENTALS.SG Comment: An interesting CNBC article that brings a reality check to recent "upbeat" press articles that are more positive in talking up the market. We are of the mind that the grim outlook will continue throughout 2017.


A long slump in Singapore's retail, residential and office property markets shows no signs of ending soon as declining occupancy ...

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Singapore Private Housing Prices Down 3%. Prime Rentals Slide 3.3%.

04 Jan 2017

This article first appeared in The Business Times and is attributed to Lynette Khoo. While property prices continue to decline, the rental market also continues to decline with prime rents down 3.3%. RENTALS.SG connects landlords and tenants directly, saving the cost of agent fees while providing an all inclusive service. Learn more about How it Works and save money on your Singapore rental lis...

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