Investor Relations

RENTALS.SG is a Singapore marketplace that directly connects landlords and tenants at a fraction of the cost of the traditional agent model. The system eliminates the need for a real estate agent and subsequently eliminates hefty commission fees.

We converge all types of property rentals, including long-term residential rentals for singles, couples and families, both expatriates and locals.

In addition, commercial rental properties in Singapore, including office space, retail and industrial space, are an integral segment of the platform.

Landlords simply list their rental property by becoming a Member and then receive tenant enquiries directly.  Landlords and tenants then deal directly with each other to agree terms. Standard rental agreement documentation is provided as guide to all members for residential leases.

We are committed to continue to develop value added services that improve User efficiency and reduce transaction costs.

As a privately held company, we do not release any financial information or make forward-looking statements.